Social Choice Links

This is a link to an extensive Social Choice bibliography:

Social Choice Bibliography

This is a blog on Social Choice:

Social Choice Blog

This is the main academic journal in the field of social choice:

Social Choice and Welfare

A community of people committed to social change:


A discussion of the peculiar consequences of individuals living in groups:

A Rational Life

A libertarian society based on reductionism:

Worthington's World

Voting Methods and Social Choice:

Four Methods of Social Choice

Technological Determinism and Social Choice

Social Choice and Deliberative Democracy - A Reconciliation

Kieran Healy's Weblog

Figure Skating And The Theory Of Social Choice

This is a website concerning human values and ethics:

Axios Institute

Don Saari's home page:

Don Saari

A Review of Don Saari's book, "Chaotic Elections":

Chaotic Elections

Evaluating Voting Methods

Utilitarian Philosophers

Philosophy Websites

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