The Name Game

I have a fascination with unusual names. This web page has nothing to do with the serious work on the rest of this website but is just a diversion, a bit of whimsy, if you will. The following are homonym names, names that sound like other words.

Mattie Gascar Hal ApenoSue FleighGerry Mander
Sally ManderSid Baritic Guy Nick AllageeSarah N Dippity
Sarah Bellum Polly EstherSol StissAnn Arexia
Ann EurismAnn Ominus Sal UbriusSasha Perilla
Pam DeMonian Sal HepaticaSigmund OscopyArthur Ritus
Ginger VitusTy Tanium Cy AtticaLes Turine
Denna Grate Ted DentiusMel IffluousKay Oss
Deb OccleHy Attis Sue PerfelusBrock Ollie
Cal Ifflour Rudy BagaRhee CalcitrantRhee Cidivist
Rhee SplendentAndy Dexterus Cole GatesMose Ambeak
Austin TaciousSue Danese Sara ToninCal DeSac
Ravi Oley